My first photo =)


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Jan 23, 2008
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Well, this is my first photo. I used my Sony Alpha and an old Sigma 300 macro lens(i don't know if that's correct)
I uploaded to my site since i don't know where to upload it

My first photo!

Reduced size with PS (~256 kb)
Here's a smaller one

Thanks for the review!:mrgreen:
Well, I'd love to give you a critique or pointers, but I'm not going to wait for an 8 MB file to download. Try reducing the size a bit in your photo software. I think everyone on the board will appreciate that.
yeah I tried but it was way too big. Resize and then you can just post it here (like with photobucket)
Yea, I couldn't view it. That takes way too long to load. Your camera should have come with some photo-editing software and you should be able to resize it easily there. (save with a different file name so you keep the original!)
Updated! now's smaller. I hope you can see it. :)
the birds are too small...and the tree is a bit distracting.
No, the tree is not distracting at lends perspective and depth of field.
The composition is BETTER with the tree in it.

Yes, the birds are a bit small, but it is a first pic.
I still see a warm tropical scene, the composition is ok for a first pic.
It still makes me wish I was there.
Hi joecap,

I am by no means an authority on the subject, but before I go on with my take on your picture, here is the NUMBER ONE rule in photography:


Now, here is my opinion:

If I were approaching this picture, I would look for more colour, more action and more perspective for the shot. I would take a bird feeder, hang it from the tree there and take pictures of birds feeding against some warmly and more or less uniformly coloured background, say the evening sky, or a patch of grass in the sunlight (blurred). That would bring some interesting colour into the photo. I would also be trying to fill the frame with the bird. After all, the bird is the star of the day.

Also, with the evening sky idea, once the light fades too much for a decent shot, I would try to take a picture of a bird in flight against the beautiful red of the horizon. I would probably fail since I am not that good myself, but I would try: I wouldn't use a flash, I would let the bird be severely underxposed so that only its outline is seen and I would use a very fast shutter so that I get a relatively clean outline of it, but not so fast that the sky isn't seen.

I don't know where you live, but if I lived more south, I would try to attract some exotic birds, say hummingbirds, and take a picture of them hovering in the air, but the birds are not really important.

This is all really hard to get right, I know. I personally don't have a single picture like that (yet).

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