My first time shooting in manual.


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Nov 18, 2007
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Shots from back home in Akron, OH. These are my first decent shots with manual settings. I'm just a noob trying to learn :wink:.

Only change has been auto-levels and framing in photoshop.

Any input?

You did really well. Did you just trial and error it, or did you meter?
the only thing i will add is.. KEEP SHOOTING MANUAL... EVERYTHING!

Learn how to properly expose your images, underexpose, overexpost.. stop over, under,.. Depth of Field and composition. 2/3rds rule. If you dont know what some of that is google it theres always interested material to be found online.

Just keep shooting in manual learning how to use your camera to the fullest, and get the true photograph your looking for.

Another thing, in photoshop, dont just click auto this, auto that and expect it to do the job for you. Learn photoshop. Dig into your photos colors and mess around. google tutorials. you can find great ones on youtube.

Learn how to change your photo to lab color, then learn to change the levels, hue and sat, color adjust, curves, color tone, filters, resizing your images.

Just keep fooling around and mess around till you figure out the way you like things.

After you got that down decent try shooting in raw if your camera is capable and learn how to change your images colors and whitebalance.

Learn all that, keep shooting and youll be set in a couple months with decent pictures. The worse thing you can do is post an image..get bad critiq on it..and give up. Beg for people to crit your pictures. and take the harsest comments into the most consideration. Take the kind into thought of what you did properly. but always strive to make that image better.
You did really well. Did you just trial and error it, or did you meter?

Minimal trial and error, I took approx. 5 shots of each subject with slightly different exp. f-stop. I reviewed the lcd screen and reshot to what I thought needed to be adjusted. Not the best shots, but a big improvement from when I started with only auto settings a month ago :lol:. I will only shoot manual from here on out.

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