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Discussion in 'People Photography' started by poison, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Poison, Poison, Poison ... tsk: NO numbers to your photos, tsk-tsk-tsk.

    Is it true, is this only your 18th post?! :shock:
    You seem so familiar, I thought you had posted much more often!!
    Oh well, so maybe you really never came across my "admonishing" other newbies to please number their photos once they post more than just 3 or 4 in one thread, for that makes commenting on an individual photo so much easier for the viewers.

    OK then, so I'll count.
    Let me count to Photo .... count-count-count ... 7 first and ask you:
    Why this composition?
    Why this toning?
    I am really curious to hear what made you decide go this compositional path for this particular photo, and why you gave it this post processing treatment?

    The toning is quite individual in all, so I accept it as your style for this very series, you went for the magenta/blue ... it is ok.

    In many I really like the location.
    My favourite is Photo 3. Closest-up. Best lighting (I say). Very even and we get to see your friend best. I appreciate that.

    In at least one of them I would have liked to see eye contact, interaction with the camera and consequently the viewers, and Photo 3 comes closest to it, which might add to the fact that I like it best.

    You really did bring you lighting equipment out to the location, right? I can see two light spots in his eyes. Where does the electricity for the lamps come from in a barren location such as this one?

    Sorry if my questions are dumb.
    It is because I am ...

    ... totally uninformed when it comes to portrait photography, you know?

    Overall I find your work quite impressive and your friend a very good model!
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    I LOVE the first one. I lightened the last one up and boosted the contrast a bit in PS and I liked it a lot. They look a BIT soft. Are you sharpening for the web?

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