My Hometown church in Sweden


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Dec 4, 2015
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Went to Europe and Sweden over the holidays and got some family time. Nice to be back in the warmth of SoCal now though.

The image looks good, but on that man feets I can see some blur, on the trees too and that blur is destroying the image.Next time try to be more carreful at focusing.
I like it! Looks great
Nice looking church. What type of editing did you do? The church looks decently sharp, but the blur of the park bench and the trees and most of the rest of the picture is really throwing it out of whack. Is this an Instagram center-focus filter?
Thanks gents.......The blur is on purpose. The picture looked good originally, but I wanted to create a little 3D style effect to pull the focus more on the subject at hand.
No filter, photoshop.
The church looks great; but with the total blur of the rest part; it has a cut and paste effect; can you please post the original? :)
I like the style of it, different. Reminds me of paintings found on the back pages of old Readers Digest's. It has a very mysterious quality to it.
There is a ton of chromatic arbitration in the trees, but if that is what you want then it is certainly your choice to make
It was my choice Klaesser:)

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