My journey to Malaysia's hidden treasure


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Jul 1, 2011
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Phuket Thailand
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Here is a few of many shots taken in and around Mabul/Sipadan Malaysia..........A true photographers picture paradise.
1/. By mistake the first picture was shot at 10k ISO on D3s

2/. Sea Gypsy's

3/. Where the sea Gypsy's live


4/. Mother and Child

5/. Who says the world isn't round
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I love this set. A few things I'd change as far as composition goes - but the colors are brilliant and so are the subjects.
I agree on the comp but other wise these are brilliant.Man I would not want to live in that,it doesn't look very sturdy and probably would not take much to come crashing down.
Great shots!
Well done OP.
I mostly like 2 and 5
I love No 1, so more mistakes please!
No 2 Would be excellent if not the kid in the corner - too close to the edge. Photoshop the kid and the picture is excellent.
No 3.1 Composition is weak to be honest. Too much water on the forefront, objects are too small and just scattered around.
No 3.2 Good photo. I would have photoshopped the thin stick above the roof that goes up beyond the frame, it is a bit annoying. I would prefer a woman as a focal point, not the blue barrel, but what can we do here. Great shot.
No 4 - I can not see it
No 5 - You have convinced me. The world is round.;)
This is the number 4 picture that for some reason wont show up


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Am I the only one who noticed the expensive looking speed boat slung under the hovel on pilings. pic # 3.5
I love these pictures, brilliant colors and subjects, and I like the fish eye. Not much I would change. I do have a question though, what are the rules for photographing naked children?
Am I the only one who noticed the expensive looking speed boat slung under the hovel on pilings. pic # 3.5
Now that you mention it,Good eye.Now if they sell it off, then maybe then can afford to build a sturdy home on land.

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