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Nov 7, 2007
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Ocala, Florida
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Ok got my little studio set up and testing the lighting. Only thing i did was add the background. I'm going to be using a chroma background for most of my work.

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Lighting looks good, might be just a little flat, just as a question why are you planing on always using a chroma background? I find the current background a bit distracting.
I find chroma backgrounds are cheesy, but that could just be me...
Also the background is very distracting and it lacks any depth at all. Her pose is also very unnatural.
The background is too distracting for me. The blurring effect gives me a sick-spinning feeling.

I think the lighting & tones are really good, but the pose seems unnatural. It appears like her hand is taking away from her face.
did someone say sears?
Many issues here:
  • the young girl is very much underexposed
  • her neck is bent way too far (she looks uncomfortable)
  • the background is too busy and in focus.
I agree with all of the travelers comments. Underexposed for sure.

Like to add that posture is important. Kids slouch all day long, in portraits they should be upright.

Also, you need a separation light. A fairly direct spot on the back of her head to make her hair gleam and prevent her hair from blending into background.
To be honest, I looked straight at the background first, and the girls skin texture is almost plastic, was there any tampering there?

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