First shoot with twins, please critique :)


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May 25, 2007
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New Zealand
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hey hey well after leaving my camera alone for a few weeks i got asked by my mums boss if i could take some shots of her kids. i found out later she is going to pay me so i want to do a reeaallly good job :) anyway she wants her twins to look like witches (why i do not know haha) and next to the photo have some text (verse about witches). the text is the easy part but i need to work on the image of the 6 y/o's. i have never shot people before so this was a challange. the girls are very cute and it was hard to get a good witchy expression out of them.

here is a first attempt, please feel free to critique, i reeally need the advice. thanks :)

I would maybe try and have them play it up a little show some teeth and give a really "scary" face, make it fun! They look kind of miserable in the shot.
I think you nailed it, the kids have a subtle, eerie expression brought out excellently with the B&W.

The only problem you may run into is your mom's boss may just not like the pictures: they are not happy, nor are they fun to look at (that isn't a bad thing, it just depends on what your customer wants). You may have to spice it up a bit to sell it.

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