My last story : "périph de nuit"


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May 13, 2007
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Paris, France
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Here are some pictures from my last report.
The story is about the dangerosity of, what we call in Paris(France) the "Periphérique", witch is a highway around Paris. I have spent 10 nights with the Policemen in charge of the security of this road, witch has the most important traffic in Europe (1.3 millions vehicules each days).

Th entire story is online on my website. Enjoy.






I LIKE !!!!
These are GOOD. A pity we only get to see them at 554px wide, I'd love to see them larger!

They tell a good story, and each has elements that I like. Well, all are night photos. That, as one big element, is fascinating. Then the first has the converging lines of the tunnel, the repetition in the lights at the end. The "zoom effect" which is not really there but suggests itself.

The second tells how dangerous driving can be on the "périph", and that it often ends in accidents. And we can learn that firefighter is "pompier" in French ;). Despite the low light, you got quite a depth of field, so I wonder what you worked with and how you worked!?

The POV (point of view) of the third is good. And I do like the grain/noise (whatever it is you work with, film or digital?) here. And the slowly fading out DOF, though anything that is further away and already a bit blurred still stays recognisable. I also like the reflection of the streetlights on the wet surface of the road and on the noise barrier wall on the left. And, of course, the glow of the "torch" with which he stops the cars.

The fourth looks sad, dramatic, is the "odd one out" as you were inside the emergency room of the hospital and not out-doors, and I hope (!) that person there is going to be all right!

And composition of the fifth is, of course, well done (or you just seized the very right moment, while this photo composed itself for you!)!

Thanks for you comments and for taking the time to write them.
Here, I was working with a Leica M7 + Portra 800 pushed +1 stop.
The light conditions were very difficult and I do not use flash to keep the atmosphere as it was. Most of the picture were taken with 2 lenses a Leica
35mm f:2 and a voigtlander 25mm f:4....and i can say that the 25 mm was pushed at its limits here. Lot of lense strange things especially with street lights making some sort of circules on the pictures....absolutaly nothing with the Leica lense

The entire report is viewable on my website here :
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wow great work!

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