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Mar 28, 2009
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Greenville, South carolina
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a pic of my new tattoo nothing special about the pic just wanted to post my tattoo on here to see what other people thought about it

Looks good. Nice & clean. Mind if I post a picture of the one I got last October? I don't know if you want to make this in to a "Show off your tattoo" thread so I figured I'd ask first.
So I'm going to assume that it's ok for me to post my tattoo. If it isn't let me know and I'll start another thread for all to share pics of their tattoos.

Here's mine...

It's on my right shoulder blade. The story behind it.......

My grandfather was a part of the British Royal Artillery in WWII. He was under the command of Montgomery while he was chasing Rommel through Northern Africa. He was also a part of the battles in Monte Cassino, Burma, Marketgarden, and others that don't come to mind right now. This has his years of service, his soldier number, the Royal Artillery logo as it was during the war as well as the different regiments he served with. This is in honour of his service for my freedom.
[FONT=&quot]It is really a nice picture you maked as a tattoos i also like tattoos so this is good design and i also follow your share.
It looks crooked...
Now, I have a few tattoos myself but a photo of a tattoo is nothing more than a photo of somebody else's art so, shouldn't it be in the "Off Topics" category...

Maybe it's just that I'm jealous since I can't display my favorite one. If I did, I probably would get arrested under some "porno" law and I don't feel like getting arrested tonight. :lmao:
JKnobelock, what is that? A pufferfish w/ glasses? What's the significance?
JKnobelock, what is that? A pufferfish w/ glasses? What's the significance?

directly from his post:
"No real story behind mine... Other than i designed and drew it up myself."
I have an awesome family, that i'm very proud of, so I decided to get a last name tattoo. Fortunately for me I have a very uncommon last name that I could get a little creative with besides doing the basic script last name tattoo. I have to say me and my family thoroughly enjoy it.


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