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Sep 26, 2010
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Hong Kong
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I decided to take some pictures of my Nikon D5000. It's also my first attempt to photoshop something like this...Hope you enjoy them! :)
EDIT: Very sorry! Not gonna use imageshack anymore :p. Here's my re-upload...


Nikon D5000 zoomed by HK.Colin, on Flickr


Nikon D5000 body and lens by HK.Colin, on Flickr


Nikon D5000 zoomed - closeup by HK.Colin, on Flickr

They're all taken with my old point-and-shoot Samsung.
Any comments or criticism would be great!! :blushing:
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i can't really see them, they're too big :(
The first picture is what I'd expect to see in a magazine. Good work. Just put some graphics around it and send it to the press.
Good job. How did you set up these shots? What photoshop work was done?
i really like the reflection thing you have going on , how did you achieve it ??
Guys.. re-uploaded pics. :)

@Bampson - put it on a wall mirror ;-)

@edouble - it's rather simple actually, (1) lasso the camera and the reflection separately and put them in separate layers, (2) dump the rest of the background and replace it with a background with black-greyish gradient applied. (3) Make the reflection layer darker and apply some surface blur. (4) Apply some 'burn' on the edge of the camera layer so that it forms a smooth transition between the black background (which I didn't do so well in #3). (5) Flatten the whole thing and adjust exposure/gamma to ensure it looks good.
If you like that kinda thing... the Nikon I mean.:p :lol:I'm a Canon girl through and through.:D

Seriously though, I really like the 1st pic.

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