My Portfolio (C&C Welcome)

wow almost 40 views and no response :/
is it that bad/good? lol.
People don't generally like having to click on a link to go view something, they prefer the photos to be embedded in the thread....
Well i'm not asking for opinions on my photography...
just about my site in general.

and if your too lazy to click a link.....yeah I won't even go there.
I got to your site, and I mostly like the layout.

Dont like having to click on your name to get into the site, that just pisses me off because it slows me down and is unnecessary.

Your entire site is too slow (flash based maybe? I'm not a web guy, can't really tell). Takes about 10 seconds to load a photo full size, which is too long when trying to browse through an entire gallery.

Your thumbnails are too small, can't tell what the photo is without viewing it larger, and that takes too long to load.

For the record, I have very fast internet, I'm using google chrome, and I've got nothing else running on my computer right now to slow it down.

Thats what I gathered from a two minute trip to your site. Take it for what it's worth.
Hahah I sat at your home page for legit like 30 seconds thinking a slideshow would start and that my laptop was just being slow, then I finally realized you had to click - not cool IMO. It'll make everyone angry. Eh. Can't really comment on the layout. Seems kind of jumbled to me because of the way you have click on all of the individual things -- it's just frustrating because it's so slow... Put away some money for a website; I think you'll find it'd be worth it. & if you know code, which it seems like you do judging by your about page, then you can make some money out of that by designing websites - just find a website where you can make a cart (to buy things) and the ability to use code..

EDIT: and by the way I must say I don't really care for your about page -- Your opening paragraph seems like a high schooler's persuasion essay - not to be rude, but just IMO. people already know photography is important; they see it every day. Even the most unobservant people in the world know that -- you're just preaching to the quire.
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Finally some real posts.

Alright so most people don't like the intro page, to each his own.

as for the site being slow, I'm not 100% sure why, cause it seems fine on my end, i'll look into it.
I'm on a bottom line laptop that's about 5 years old. Gonna go ahead and guess it's my end :p

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