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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by vonDrehle, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Got my schedule for my junior year in high school...

    1st Semester
    Honors US History
    eCommerce I
    Networking I--BE

    2nd Semester

    Chemistry I
    AP Calculus
    Honors English III
    Spanish II

    2nd Semester is going to kill me. With track (I throw) AP Calculus and Honors English there is a chance I will be up past 12:00 every night merely working on homework and studying. And this year they have a new schedule where we start school on August 25th rather around the beginning of the month like they always have. This means the semesters don't end at Christmas, they go on until Late January. My of course our smart school board didn't realize that AP exams wouldn't change with the new schedule so my AP exam is going to be atleast a month earlier than it should! But luckily the teacher decided to just start AP calculus in Pre-Calculus so we will be ready for the exam.

    I'm just going to enjoy the last few weeks I have left of freedom... :hail:

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    Then back to work? good luck my man!

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