My sisters wedding


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Dec 14, 2011
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Shooting my sisters wedding was my gift to her & I hope I did it justice. :) Here are a few shots, C&C is welcome but mainly just figured I'd share. I'd love to hear your feedback.

1. Her hand in his.

IMG_1266 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

2. I liked how this made the venue feel like a big art deco train station or something...and I like the other couples dancing in the background with 'em, but I wish I had them filling more of the frame. I may go back into photoshop & bring them forward a bit or something, and soften the focus on the background, I don't know.

IMG_1048 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

3. You may kiss the bride. Another one I wish I had used a shallower depth of field. Photoshop may be my friend on this one.

IMG_0784 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

4. I know the "rules" say to leave space in front of the direction a subject is looking, but something about a bride looking off into the unknown seems more interesting to me so I took a little artistic freedom.

IMG_0630 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

5. The couple at sunset.

IMG_0336_1 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

6. I know this much post is usually frowned upon in this forum, but I liked the idea of making this feel super vintage with the ferry behind 'em.

IMG_0334-3 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

7. The vows.

IMG_0772 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

8. The cake.

IMG_0991 by Bill Rush, on Flickr

9. The first dance. Again with too much depth of field, I was scared to mess around too much with it & miss the moment. I figure it's always easier to add blur than remove it.

IMG_1024 by Bill Rush, on Flickr
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