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Apr 6, 2009
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Here is the start to my very limited porfolio, I just started to take these pictures they come from a span of about 3 weeks and 100 or so pictures. All of these ones are taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebal XSI w/18-55 mm stck lense kit. I have only edited by croping. Please feel free to leave coments in the photo bucket album about each piciture, good and bad, becuse I will be using some of these photos to make some changes to my career in the near future.

Thanks Brad.

Click the pics for a slide show. :D

if you want people to express their opinion than try posting 1-4 pictures and of greater resolution cause even in the slide shows they are to small.
Ok, thanks for the advice. I am not 100% sure how I should go about this so i will just post my favorie 4 for now and look around where I can post the rest.




number 1 is nice but is not very sharp, maybe you were to close to the subject and the camera didn't focus.

number 2 is a good exemple of lond shutter speed silky water and i kinda like it

number 3... i don't get it... i mean is just water and no message

number 4 is interesting but the flash and the brownish color spoils it for me. i would have love to try and fix it a bit.
#1 - I think the image is underexposed and I don't know where the focus fell.
#2 - Crop is a bit too tight for my taste. The rocks in the front are blown, while the background looks underexposed.
#3 - Not sure what I am looking at, too much going on IMHO.
#4 - the harsh flash and it being OOF ruins this picture for me.
I think #1 has the greatest potential IMHO, in terms of color and simple comp. Keep shooting and look for good compositions. It would also help to look into some good editing techniques to polish off the photo and make it pop for the audience. :) Thanks for sharing your work Brad!

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