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May 22, 2003
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Hi everyone! I'm Nikki, I'm 29 and live in the Australian Capital Territory. I live with my hubby and 7 year old son. Work full time as a telephone operator on a business information service.

I'm a newbie with photography, bought my first SLR in May this year and have since done an Introduction to Photography course - one night a week for 8 weeks. I totally enjoyed it but my photo's are still pretty ordinary, but I'll keep trying!

Aside from photography I enjoy motorbike riding (only on the back of my hubbys bike though), beading, polyclaying, reading, tenpin bowling and I have a tank full of tropical fish which tends to require a bit of maintenance but it's worth it when you see lots of new little babies swimming around :)

So, that's me!

Nikki :D
Nikki, did u feel u learnt much from your course?
Mines over now and I feel like I still have no clue.
I can mount the bloody thing on a tripod though!
you said bloody...huh huh huh huh. i really want to go to australia!!!!!!!

I second those questions about the photography courses. I've been looking into them for a while now, and wouldn't mind doing a night or two a week at TAFE.

But as Manda pointed out, the only thing that is stopping me is whether or not i'll learn anything new. :?

MD... we've got a spare bed at our place if you want to come for a visit :B

Manda and Nukie, while I totally enjoyed the course I did, and learnt a lot about how my camera works, and got a basic understanding of developing film and printing in the darkroom I didn't really get as much as I expected out of it.

I had hoped to learn a lot more about composition and lighting and what settings to use in certain conditions, but I am still very much in the dark about all that! I've bought a few books and magazines and I think I have learnt as much from them as I did from the course.

If I had the opportunity I would love to do something a bit more "in-depth", with field trips etc, but that's a bit out of my budget at the moment.

For a complete novice, I'd say "go for it", do one of those courses, but for someone who's been into photography for a while I wouldn't really recommend it.


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