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Jul 5, 2003
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Kalispell, MT.
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This is my water pic it did not make the cut but I wanted to get your feedback anyway. The shot is of ice on grass in my back yard. I went out on a day trip and took a ice chest with me the ice melted alittle over the 6 hours and when I dumped it out I thought it would make a good shot, I used photoshop to get it to look this way. My roommates did not like it but I thought it was cool looking and keep with the water theme. I used a Canon PowerShot S50.

Which brings up an excellent point.

If you submitted a photo that we were unable to include in the challenge, please feel free to post in here!

I found this shot extremely interesting, I wish we had the resources to post all of the photos every time!
so not all the pics that were entered are shown?

is it bandwith you need?
cuz I could upload the pics to my website and you'd only have
to insert the links

or are you facing a different problem?
It is a combination of bandwidth and a method of allowing voting, but limiting it to one vote per person (which means I need to be able to use the same authentication method as the forum uses).

The only way to use that method (without some serious work) is by using the polls as a voting method, but you can only post 10 options per poll.

So, if you start hitting 30, 40, 50, etc., starts to get pretty ugly really quick.

I'm definitely open to ideas!
i think its a cool shot ... i like the colors in it, very abstract :D ... i've been working on some abstracts myself lately :eek:
Definitely a cool shot usually is...
Sort of looks like something you'd see under an electron microscope. Like cells dividing and multiplying. Do the challenge rules allow for Digital Darkroom alterations like this or just the basic brightness/contrast stuff though???
i think its very interesting to see how people interpret the same "theme" :)

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