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Aug 19, 2010
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I am just learning.. Have had my camera for 2wks.. I have the 18-55mm lens and recently just got the 50mm f/1.8 .. Here are a couple of pictures that I took w/ my 18-55mm lens and then my 50mm one. Even though this is my youngest daughter, feel free to give me any comments! They can only help me ... ty in advanced!








doubled pics.. ignore 4..






my 50mm lens




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i think there pretty good for only shooting for 2 weeks, im pretty new myself but u got sum good pics. i dont know whats up with number2, is that straight out the camera or did you post edit that, cause the blur looks crazy. i dont have much advice other than keep practicing, and post less pics each thread. apparently everyone is too busy in the teenage thread to offer any other comments.
I like those shots you did. Only thing is with above, 2 is weird on focus unless you PPed it to that, 3 I think would of been better if you had a full shot of her body (not cut off her foot, makes me look and wonder where it went).

#6, I like but it seems that the time of day or the focus on the focal point, the foot, seems out of focus or really soft to me.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, I'm a starter myself!
i'm fairly new myself but this is what i see:

1. love this shot!
2. not so keen on the way it's focused. was that done in pp?
3. seems a little soft to me.
5. too green... and maybe a different crop?
6. i like this one alot.. but as klutchrider said, the feet seem to be out of focus
7. would have liked to see it more on her level instead of looking down, i like it otherwise.
8 & 9 i don't really have any comments on
Such a cute kid! I love them all but number 2 has a funky blur problem. I wonder if you did that in-camera or PP? #3 is my favorite but her face seems a TAD outta focus.
I did #2 myself in pp.. I didn't want my other daughter in the picture and wanted to see what it would look like, and get your comments.. obviously... NOT a good idea lol

#3 I didn't crop, she was swinging and I got what I got as she was swinging back and forth. I do have one of her full body but not right up in your face like that. I am sure if I crop it though (the full body one) It would come up closer... I love your comments because I don't see this of course... (where did her foot go..lmao never thought of that?)

#6 Thanks.. I noticed the feet were lighter than the rest of the picture .. I'm not sure my settings were and what time a day it was (i'll have to look)

Thanks so much! I needed other people to see what I can't see!
1. Great shot, I love it.

2. I don't really like how her hands are blurred in post processing.

3. Nice shot, just a tad blurry.

4.Love it.

5.Over exposed, and the "BRO" in the corner ruins it for me.

6.Absolutely love this one! However it is a little over exposed.

7. Nice.

8. To the casual glance this is a great picture. However when you look into it her right eye on the picture is completely black. This is extremely creepy. I wouldn't use the shot because of that unless you're able to bring it out with post processing.

-Side note. 8 pictures is quite a lot to post for CC.
3 is my fav i just wish there was more of a sharper focus right in the eyes
I edited my favorite two to show what I would do with them. (Let me know if you want me to take them down.) I didn't do a lot at all, mainly contrast and sharpness. :)


Very nice, but some that are horizontal should be vertical.
in 2 weeks, congratulations. At least you didn't hover over her head taking pictures, and got down to her level. I hate when people do that.
#1 rocks! I love b&w. Was this one taken w/the 50mm?

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