Mylar slide projected images?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Ryan L, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Ok so tomorrow I am going to a local college that is having a weekend of photography (I wish I would have known about this before now). Anyways, one of the workshops is Mylar photo shoot in which I am still trying to figure out what it is? Here is a description. Anyone done anything like this?

    Two Hour Workshop – Fri. & Sat. – for N, I, A.
    Mike Mueller, Bridgeport, MI
    For the Mylar photo shoot I will be using slide projected images. Yes, this is old school. If
    you would like, you may bring your own digital projector and images. You can bring your
    own slides or may use the ones supplied. We will be projecting the images onto the Mylar
    so you can photograph the distorted images. You will need a tripod, a zoom lens such as a
    70 to 200, or a short telephoto lens (works best) and a flashlight. Note the only light in the
    room will be from the projectors. You may also want to bring your creative mind and
    Mike has been an active photographer for many years. He is member of the Mid-Michigan
    Lensmasters Camera Club, the Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs, and the
    Photographic Society of America. SWMCCC has made him an Honorary for his service to
    the council and PSA has made him an Associate for his service to the society and to
    photography. He has earned acceptances and honors for his images at local, council and
    international levels. He has taught community education classes in photography and has
    lectured many times to various groups. He is past president of SWMCCC and has held
    many other positions within the council.

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    Its a bit difficult to figure out. First, his use of "Mylar" as an object is completely incorrect. "Mylar" is a trade name (DuPont's) for their BoPET plastic sheeting. The phrase "a Mylar" is never correct English usage.

    The best I can figure is that he intends to project images onto a sheet of Mylar, possibly a metalisized sheet and possibly one dyed white. Since he mentions distorted images I would assume that the Mylar sheet, if it is really Mylar and not some other plastic material, is flexed or curved to create the distortions.

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