Mystical canyon on an Indian Reserve … explosion of colors


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Apr 6, 2007
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St-Aubin in Switzerland
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One of the photographs of my last trip in the USA, it is very representative of the bright colors that you can find in this enchanting American canyon. It is under ground, the light comes only a few hours correctly enlighten these rocks formed by flood waters …

This area releases a true magic raised by the mystical character of the place because it is on the territory of the Navajo Indians.

A good tripod and a lot of patience are important in this kind of very exiguous places!

Some of the best I've seen! Great work. Beautiful colors.
The first one looks like flowing fabrics. Stunning shots, I can only guess how much work went into this beautiful simplicity! Did you process somehow?
These photographs were taken in USA, close to the lake and Powell the city of Page (Arizona) :D

It's the slot canyons in the Vermillion Cliffs. It's a great location to take pictures but it's pretty much as far from any large city as you can get haha.

Great shot BTW you got the lighting pretty much perfect.

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