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    Well, I've been toying with this thing on and off for the last couple of months. A no name flash grip that came with a forgery of a camera. For those of you don't who remember this thing Click Here. I was having some issues with lowlight condition people shoots despite lightning fast lenses and decided to give the thing a try find out if it would work on a real camera. I decided to hook it up to my Chinon CS and I've been chasing my cats around, pestering my friends and family and then some.

    Well it in fact does, and has not misfired yet at various shutterspeeds. It's a manual flash so metering has to be compensated and the exposure guide on it only goes from 100 to 400 and f/2 to f/32. With a little bit of practice it should suffice, totally awesome for a free bounceable flashgrip.

    These candids where taken in the basement, the only light source other than the flash is the lamp visable in the first and the television in the second. They are not perfect but they are also not exposure corrected in PS...Not bad for guessing.

    Taken with Pentax 50mm 1.8 on Chinon CS with flash, ASA 800 (Uncropped full frame)
    [IMG - pulled]

    [IMG - pulled]

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