Natural bouquet


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Feb 27, 2006
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Nice shot but I would probably like it better in a softer, warmer light.
Absolutely beautiful! Purple and yellow out in nature is a combination that I just love to see. The background shows even more, your DOF makes them perfectly soft. Very nice.

I see the shadow, so it was clearly a very bright day. I like that the light hits those flowers and makes them pop out so vividly. Nothing looks washed out, there are no hot spots, so frankly the brightness isn't bothering me a bit. It's a sunny day. You could drag down the brightness, I suppose, but you don't want to risk losing that gorgeous color.

Good job.
Yeah, the conditions do look harsh but sometimes you just gotta take what yer given. Beautifully coloured plant.
I made a great shot, I love taking pictures of nature, it all looks very atmospheric.

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