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Nature finds a way


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Oct 2, 2015
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Hamburg, Germany
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Hi everyone
While trying out some new equipment recently I got this shot of a (very) young silver birch which managed to start growing on top of a fencepost, probably after years of leaves and seeds forming a suitable "base" in the cracked top of the fencepost.
What do you guys think about the photo?
And do you have photos of nature finding rather unusual spots to spread/grow?

I like it, but I think it may look better if taken like a portrait. giving the view more post, and more room above the tree. :)
Max, this is a neat image. I agree with FITBMX that it might be better in portrait mode to give a bit more space at the top and bottom of the image - top is a little close. I am also curious as to why the top of the post is tilted - I would expect it to be flat. It would also look better with an out of focus background as there is too much "stuff" there that is the same colour as the tree and it tends to be distracting.

(...)I am also curious as to why the top of the post is tilted - I would expect it to be flat.(...)
The top is actually pretty flat, it's the whole pole that is slightly tilted and I couldn't quite get the camera angled that way (with two tripod-legs stuck in the mud and one in the fence).
All poles in the fenceline are tilted in some direction, which I blame on the soft/muddy ground.
I tried getting the backround out of focus, but this slight blurr is the best I got (as those bushes were very close).

Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the explanation. I do understand about mud and fences. :biggrin-93:


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