Nature is interesting

Yeah, nature never fails to impress.

Three different types of it's wonder on show here. Good stuff!
And you captured it quite nicely!
Nice set. I can't decide between #2 and 3, they both have a lot of little interesting things going on.
I love the shots and the prose taken on them.

Starting to get me to breakout of my duldrums.

Am thinking of doing a few fall style Tilt-Shift photos.
Sure I love the last shot of the leaf. I’d play with it some more. I’d treat the holes and dead areas like elements of a composition, ie don’t chop off the top of the upper-most dead area. Not sure if you have more to this frame, but I wouldn’t crop it so tight. But I love the potential with this shot! The color tones are fascinating, and it almost looks like it was shot from a plane. I think there are a few ways you could go with this, but the cropping makes it seem incomplete to me. But still a great image
These pics are pretty awesome.

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