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Mar 14, 2007
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I've been using the demo version of Neat Image and I think the de-Noise and Sharpening capabilities are really good, however it has been desaturizing my images. I've tried all of the setting, but even the input image appears slightly washed out. I think it also exaggerates the noise in the input picture to make the output image appear better. Is there an alternative de-noise, sharpening software that is better?

I have used both Neat Image and Noise Ninja... And I prefer Noise Ninja. It take practice to used to the controls but it does a great job to reduce noise.
I know what you're saying about Neat Image increasing the noise, however if you run a shot through neat image and then open it in photoshop next to the original you will see a pretty big difference in the noise. Neat image works pretty well in my opinion
Another Noise Ninja vote. I own both and seem to get much better results faster with NN.
I downloaded the demo version of NN and wow, nice difference! Gives you a lot more control and you're right Jerry, it is much faster. I used NN & Neat Image on the same photo and Neat Image definitely turned down the saturation level. Noise Ninja kept it the same and did a better job of cleaning the photo up.


Update: Bought the plug-in version and I'm loving it. Works great. I like how you can preview the settings before sitting through the process.

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