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Sep 15, 2010
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I am looking into getting a Macro lense for my Nikon D5000....Now i am really not all that up to Par when it comes to lenses yet...But i saw this on line.

Nikon N 2000 in good condition with Auto Zoom Macro Magnicon f=70-210 mm and Nikon Nikkor 50 mm lense.
$100 or b/o.

Now would this work with my Camera also would it give me better Macro shots By that i mean sharper than what i can with my AF -S NIKKOR
18-55 mm . Also would i benefit having this extra lense?

Thank you so much in Advance.

That lens will not give you better macro than your kit lens. Your kit lens gets fairly close for a kit lens. Good macro, overall. If youre looking for macro shots at 1:1, something like This, youre going to need a dedicated Macro lens. That is, a lens that can magnify to actual scale, or 1:1. For this, you will need a dedicated Macro lens. Many brands offer many different dedicated macro lenses, all of which being great lenses for the most part. Some have more bells and whistles than others, but almost all macros from Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina are great lenses and will get the job done with no problem.

The problem youre going to have is that your camera doesn't have a focus motor in the body. This means if you want to have AF on this lens, it will have to have a motor inside the lens. For Nikon, these are AF-S lenses, Sigma: HSM lenses, Tamron: (not too sure what they call this. I think its just AF) and Tokina: (..I think theyre called AT-X..). So, these are the lenses at your disposal fromt these groups..

60mm F/2.8 - More than one version of this with most of these lenses
85mm F/3.5
105mm F/2.8

150mm F/2.8

60mm F/2
90mm F/2.8

Tokina - not sure which of these AF
35mm F/2.8
100mm F/2.8

That being said, I wouldnt reccommend anything less than 90mm. Anything less than that will give you not much working distance at all for critters. I own the Sigma 105mm. I wish I had the 150mm. All of these lenses will do you well, especially the Sigma 150, Tamron 90, Tokina 11, and Nikon 105.

Thank you so much for that Mark. You just saved me from wasteing a hundred bucks....

I will look into the ones you suggested....

Thank you so much again...;)
Also note that if you are saving up for this Sigma have recently announced a new 150mm OS macro lens which has similar anti handholdng shake technology to the Nikon 105mm macro VR - in real world terms this means that your image through the viewfinder is more stable as is your ability to handhold at slower shutter speeds. However there is no set release date or price on that lens as yet.

As Mark says there is very little optical quality difference between the macro lenses - all will produce pro grade results so its really a case of matching your needs against the cost of the lens

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