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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Cades83898, Oct 10, 2006.

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    I've been taking pics for a long time. I loved my russian Zenit 35mm that was built in 1975 and my digital Kodak DX6340 was good for starting out in digital photos. However, now I want to step up and regain some of the manual controls I lost when I switched from the Zenit to the Kodak. No, I can't go back to the Zenit as the light meter no longer works and I need something digital. So, I need advice on a new camera. It will be for play and work. I like to take architecture, landscape, and wildlife photos. I am also launching a new website ( were I'll be selling live corals so I need manual focus and good macro capability with a wide depth of field so I can get all of the organism in focus. This is what I want:

    good macro
    Manual focus (for taking pics of things inside aquariums)
    Manual f-stop for control over my depth of field
    Option for additional lenses
    High quality pics

    These are the cameras I'm looking at so far:
    Canon Powershot S3 IS
    Sony DSC-H2 or H5
    Kodak P712
    Kodak P880

    Basically, Iwant to get as close to a DSLR as I can without the bulk (lugging around multiple lenses on vacation) or the expense. Any advice or recomendations or other suggestions would be highly valued by me!

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    YES! A Zenit was my first SLR too! Even older than yours: 1968. Only one lens: 58mm/f2.0! Those were the days...
    You sell living animals? Uh-uh! Sell pretty pictures of living animals, not the animals themselves! They belong in the wild. Not in an aquarium!
    Take a look at the cameras section over at DPR, and compare specs.
    Very sensible!
    (Unlike all too many dSLR owners).

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