Need a new website. Recommendations?


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Jul 6, 2013
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Hi Folks,

Would like a little help. Not looking to reinvent the wheel here. Need a good website (thinking Wordpress). Would like to find a outfit that does plug and play. I but the theme and just plug in my photos and text. Any companies you would suggest?
Do not want to build from scratch, something I can do on my own.

Hey! As luck would have it, I offer web development as part of the package with my photos, so this is a road I've been down many times. (Here's an example of the kind of site I do: Actor Folio). I do recommend Wordpress for ease of use, and Dreamhost for registration and hosting. For themes, I'd advise checking out Themeforest for relatively inexpensive themes in the $50 neighborhood. Or you can look for something cheaper/free, but I've found those themes to be buggy, too hard to use, or just not attractive, so this is definitely an area where I'd spend a little money. I also recommend installing Wordfence for security.
I use Zenfolio and love it! You can see my website by clicking the link in my signature. Very easy to use, fully customizable and if you want I can give you a discount code to save a few $
I use Zenfolio also and I really like it. Its easy, cost effective and it looks good. You can use your own domain name if you have one. I actually hate Wordpress, but that is a personal use thing, it does not mean I hate sites that are made in Wordpress.

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