Need a wide angle lens!! what should i get???


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Aug 17, 2012
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long island new york
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Hi im looking to buy a new lens. I have a Nikon d5100 camera. I don't care if the lens has autofocus or not since most of the time I shot manual focus anyway. But my only requirement on the lens is it has to be less then 18mm and I would prefer it to be less then 400 dollars but what lens would you recommend.
Look into the Rokinon 14mm.

It's also sold under the brands of Vivitar, Samyang, , ProOptic, Bower, Opteka, Bell & Howell, and Falcon.
well I was looking at the sigma 10-20mm. I will be using this lens for doing rig shots on cars
Yep the Siggy 10-20 is best bang for the buck ultra-wide and should work well with cars.

Should have Rode This instead of Max by Orbmiser, on Flickr

Maybe more handy for cars and more general shooting is the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 is also a good match up for Car photography.

Car Show South Park Blocks 4 of 7 by Orbmiser, on Flickr

Less distortion correction and less work to correct perspective,etc..
And more general focal lengths makes it a more useful for different styles of shooting.

Just a thought. Have sets at my flickr of those lenses with wide ranging subjects covered.
Be sure to think of future needs as many buy the Sigma 10-20 ultra-wide and rarely use it enough to justify the cost.
Mine was used for $300 but still doesn't get used enough by me.
The reason im looking at an ultra wide angle is because i bought a car rig and i need a wide angle lens to get the whole car in the frame

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