Need Advice on Large Book Photography Project

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    Camera: Canon 30D
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    I have a rather large book project that requires about 1,000 photographs.
    The project demands very high quality. I want to take the best photos
    possible within my budget. I can spend up to about $1,000 but could
    probably squeak out a bit more if important.

    I want to create sense of coherency in the photographs through framing
    techniques and control of the background.

    I plan most subjects to be photographed against a very bright, diffused
    light background in an attempt to make a pure white solid background.
    I am not sold on this though.

    Any advice on equipment to buy and/or techniques to make this kind
    of photography really "pop" on the printed page would be greatly

    I think I need a good macro lens and maybe a microscope with built-in
    digital camera but I am not sure.

    Here is more detail on the types of pictures I need:

    1) Objects from 1 ft. x 2 ft. down to 2 in. x 2 in, they may include things
    like sprayers, buckets, bottles of pesticide, labels on products, all stuff that
    can be posed in front of a tripod in a homemade studio. Also, there should
    be quite a few shots of plants.

    2) Objects about the size of a medium plant leaf down to a dime. These objects should all be stationary studio subjects. Most will be plant leaves and other plant parts. Is there something special about photographing green things?

    3) Objects about .5 mm to 10 mm such as hairs on plant leaves or tiny flower buds. Most will be stationary studio subjects but some may be living bugs such as mites.

    I have read about photography, macro photography and diffused light studios pretty extensively. I would be happy to read any and all other helpful resources :eek:)

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