need advice to buy gitzo tripod

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by inikon, Feb 26, 2010.

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    i want to buy gitzo tripod and its ballhead. but i dont know which type to choose. I think i wanna grab mountaineer, but still dont know which type of ballhead i need? thx

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    1) Weight... you need to make sure the ball head is rated for the heaviest lens+camera you will put on it

    2) Quick release plate or not. I prefer one with Quick release plates for quick mount and dismount of the camera.

    3) Tension adjustment or not. I prefer to have tension adjustment as I do like to have some sort of resistance to improve the precision of a ball head.

    Once you figure those out, you are pretty much just looking at head specs on the Gitzo web page to match up.

    Also, don't forget... you are not required to use a Gitzo branded head on a Gitzo tripod legs. Standard screw sizes which allow for mix and match.

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