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Mar 11, 2006
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i'm looking at getting a quality camera that i won't need to upgrade from for a while.
i've been looking at the "Fuji Finepix S9000" but i'm wondering if i should perhaps get the "Canon EOS Rebel XT"
is the quality of the canon that much better or will the fuji do a great job for me
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Although those cameras may look similar, the Canon is a vastly superior camera. This is because the Rebel XT is a true DSLR (digital SLR) while the Fuji is "SLR-like".

The biggest difference is the size of the sensor. The Fuji has a very small sensor, while the XT's sensor is much larger. This means better image quality...especially in low light/high ISO.

Also, the XT can shed it's lens...allowing you to use any of Canon's EF lenses...or any other lens made for Canon autofocus SLR cameras. With the Fuji, you are stuck with what you have. Additional lenses are expensive, however, lenses will hold their value much better than any digital camera...because you can use the lenses on future cameras...if & when you decide to upgrade the camera.

Shutter response: Most non-DSLR digi-cams have a shutter lag. When you press the button, it waits for half a second or so....before it snaps the pic. The XT has an actual shutter like a film the response is very fast.

On the down side, a DSLR won't allow you to view the image on the screen before you take the picture...and it does not have a movie mode.

You can check the specs and compare them head-to-head at
Get the Rebel XT. You image quality is better by leaps and bounds and the convenience of being able to switch lenses is incredible.
wow i saw pics side by side.. the canon looks awesome vs the fuji... the fuji is ligh years ahead of my 3.1mp sony but the canon is the camera i'm gonna get with out a doubt. thanks for the help. i'll be on the forum more often thanks a lot

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