Need help w/ process - From camera to print, in 2 minutes or less :)


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May 20, 2007
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I'll be shooting at a basketball tournament Dec 27, 28, and 29th. After each game, here's what I'd like the process to look like...

  1. Take pictures
  2. After game, give wife the CF card
  3. She loads pics on laptop in our photo booth
  4. she has capability of printing right away.
I am willing to make a software purchase if necessary. Photoshop is a bit to hardcore ( i have it ) but what I like about it is that when you load a pic that was taken vertically, it knows!

So, I suppose I want to optimize the PC part for when she has the photos on the computer. It would be nice if there was software that she could load up the pics, and display them to the customers before printing. The customer could say "I want that one" and she would be able to simply adjust levels, crop, and send to the printer....without a lot of prep work.

Any ideas on a good software that would make this process a breeze? Remembering the vertical orientation would be super!

Our goal: to have the photos available for sale immediately after the game, so that we can sell the photos when the players are all pumped and excited (or bummed). We will also post them all online on my Smugmug for later viewing, which has been advertised like none other.
Well I did some research, and since I'm a student I was able to acquire a cheap Lightroom license. It looks like Lightroom will do the trick. Plus, it reads RAW format for my 40D, and my current CS2 doesn't without putting the files through a DNG converter.

There are too many positives that outweigh the cost of Lightroom. Anyway, let me know if you guys have ideas on this, because I can still cancel the Lightroom order if necessary...however, it looks like it will fit many more needs than this one!
No I don't do a sales booth. I just find it very easy and very powerful in the cataloging, managing, and display (in varying thumbnail sizes) of images.

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