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Dec 14, 2011
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I took some photos recently that I've agreed to let a car club use in their national newsletter. This wasn't a pay shoot with a standard agreement, release, and invoice like I would normally do. I took some shots for myself that they liked and I'm going to donate them for an article. So I want to explicitly specify that the images I'm going to provide them can ONLY be used in this article this during this 1 edition for a single month. They can't go make prints of it, they can't put it on their website, they can't start selling posters on the side of the street, and they have no rights in perpetuity, just the 1 article for the 1 edition. Does anyone have any examples they can recommend of verbiage I should use for this? How formal does it need to be?
GEEZ!! 30 minutes and no answers yet??? You didn't drop everything you were doing to leap to my aid????
(Just kidding of course, had to say that because my biggest pet peeve in the world is when the 2nd post of a thread is the OP complaining that nobody has answered it yet).

I think I answered my question myself actually. This looks like my answer...anybody see anything that should be included but isn't?

Photo Permission Agreement_FINAL
Since this is such a specific situation, you are really best off if you have a quick consult with a lawyer. I'm not a professional photographer, but do work in consulting - in my experience with that, the generic contracts available online don't tend to cover what you need.

It's nice of you to donate the image like that!
thanks guys. asmp looks like a great resource for all sorts of stuff!

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