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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by Acrylic Snow, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Oct 2, 2009
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    (Wasn't sure which forum directory to post this I copied and pasted it here too to be safe)

    I was taking some photos (I had got around taking 4 exposures) and all of a sudden (and this is the first time its ever happened) I was not able to take anymore pictures. It sounds like the Shutter Release button was on some sort of lock because each time I press the button it makes a noise and the film cartridge symbol and the line next to it blinks.

    I had the camera on Manual mode, by the way. I'm a noob with SLR cameras, so do you think I could've made a silly mistake and somehow flipped some kinda shutter release lock? Thanks!

    (Oops, also forgot to mention! I have a Nikon AF N8008s SLR Camera with a 35-80mm lens)

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    Sounds like to film will not advance, if it was not loaded correctly it may stop the film from advancing after a few frames.

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