Need input on my educational path for photography

Whats your end game? What do you want to gain from higher education?
But to what extent? Fine art? Family/portraits? Weddings/Events? Commercial?
I don't think getting more education would harm you in any way, but its not always necessary for a career in photography.
I want to know as much as I can about photography and to be a good photographer
Being a good photographer has very little to do with knowing as much as you can about photography.
Hey guys, I'm a photography major working towards my B.F.A and lately I've been contemplating going towards a masters degree afterwards but I'm still on the ledge about it. Im not sure of how much of an impact a masters degree would be with art, I can see how it would be beneficial for someone in mathematics or engineering, but I need help finding the benefits of one for art. Anybody have one or can maybe enlighten me on the subject. Thanks.

The direction you are taking in your education leads toward a management position related to photography. One who manages a photographic gallery, edits a fine art photography magazine, supervises photographers, runs a photography department in a company or organization. After this education, it would be wise to get your teacher's certificate as well, which would give you an entry into the education/photographic production area.

The difference is higher salaries and more options.

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