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Jan 19, 2012
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Hi there. ok so im going on holiday to America for 2-3 months in early June, just sight seeing on a big road trip. im a novice at cameras and photography but would like a good camera to take with me to america and for use at home too. Therse so many options i just dont know where to start, i need a good all rounder and prefer it to be quite easy to use. The budget isnt massive... only around £400 but need something decent. i dont think a compact would be up to the job so a cheaper Digital SLR maybe?

If anyone could just help point me in the right direction of where to look, it would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the forum.

So what type of photos do you expect to be taking? Just typical tourist stuff like landscapes, portraits in front of landmarks etc? Or are you looking to shoot your own (higher quality) 'post card' images?

What do you expect you will do with the photos afterward? With they only end up as small prints or shared in a web gallery? Or do you think that you might make large prints?

I almost always recommend a DSLR camera, but for traveling around, it might be easier with a camera that will fit into your pocket.
Thanks for your response Big Mike, my intention is like you say alot of the touristy stuff but with emphasis on the landscapes. The photos will go on web gallery and selected photos will have large prints. My problem is never owning anything better than an average compact, so i have nothing to compare with. ive never really been a fan of the compacts and as for travelling a little bulk and weight isnt much of a problem. i just want the best photos i can get from a camera for ~£400. Is there any specific make / model you would recomend? alot of the travelling will be in a car so it would be good if i could get some nice photos thats arnt blurred.
I'm going to assume the exchange rate is about double, so you have about $800 to spend. I would consider a D3100 with the kit lens(18-55mm) and with the extra money, a Nikon SB-400 flash. The flash will make for much easier pictures indoors with low light, because the kit lens won't let in enough light. If you "bounce" the light off of the ceiling, the pictures will turn out well.

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