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Jan 8, 2006
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Ok, heres the deal. My friends band want me to do some photos for them at a party gig. Its gona be in someones house so i guess the lighting is gona be ok (ish).

What sorta film should i use (ie. speed) and if i need to use the flash, should i bounce it off the celing, (just got a flash gun),

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hmm... If you bounce the flash, keep in mind what color the ceiling is because it will pick up color. also what shape it is. if the shows in a basement or somewhere there maybe rafter showing that will stop your flash. or somewhere there maybe a light haning that will reflect differently. Id say just point the flash at them. and just do a fill flash. if its in a house most of the light maybe from above and cast shadows down on them.
as for film Id probably go with a faster speed. I have had success shooting bands with 400 speed but you can go faster expecially if they are a active band while they play. You can talk them about color or b&w, In a house Id go with b&w if the band plans on using the pics for something because grandmas fancy old lamp in the corner wont be so distractive... also with b&w you wont have to worrie about the light from the flash being a different color than the ceiling lights...
good luck.

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