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Mar 16, 2009
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Hey I am doing a project in which I compare and contrast film photography and digital photography and I was wonder if their was anyone on here that could help me by answering some simple questions about this topic.

1.For someone just starting to get into photography do you believe digital or film would be easier to learn, why?
2.Do you believe digital or film is more reliable and get the job done better, why?

3.Do you believe that film has more artistic value over digital, why?
4.Which would you rely on to have the better image quality?
5.Do you believe digital or film is better in all around lighting?
6.Would you rather only use film or digital, why?
7.What are the disadvantages of digital that make you use film?
8.What are the disadvantages of film that make you use digital?
9.Which do you believe has the most meaning involved in creating the photograph, why?
10.What is your favorite thing digital can do and film can not, or what is your favorite thing film can do and digital can not?
1: Digital, instant feedback.
2: Digital, instant feedback.
3: Yes, if you mess it up, you are up a creek, no instant feedback, you have to know what you are doing and get it right the first time.
4: Subjective, but if image quality was paramount, film.
5: Neither.
6: I prefer both, as each has its pros and cons.
7: I have yet to see digital with the tonal range of film, especially in B&W.
8: Film has no instant feedback so digital is better for testing quick compositions, better for knowing you have the shot in the bag, etc.
9: Personally I believe that people who still shoot film in general take much more care with getting the shot exactly right, not just exposure, but composition as well. Too many digital snappers out there that just take 200 pics and when one turns out really good, they think they are a real photographer.
10: Digital, instant feedback. Film, especially B&W, better feel for the imagery (subjective).

Hope this helps.


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