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Sep 19, 2005
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Ok first of all I have a Nikon D70.

I am thinking of getting an off camera flash. I am going to do some bridal shots outside on campus for my sister in June. Her wedding photog offered to let me use her reflector, gold on one side/silver on the other. I was wondering if I would need the off camera flash for fill lighting maybe?

Anyways. I dont really know anything about them so I was wondering what is the best kind to get and how much do they cost? Also, do they run off the camera battery? And where can I find one of those dome things you put on to diffuse the light and how much do they cost?

Also, will I need a light meter?

Sorry for all the questions!! Thanks!!
B&H and Adorama all list them online if a local camera store does not have them. Inexpensive ones and even brand name ones are all over ebay. There are a couple studio lighting and background stores on ebay but I am not so sure their pricing is that good. There are a couple ebay stores that have imports for a decent price. But have to watch it. They actually make their money with inflated shipping costs.

If your local store doesn't carry it or if you don't have a good local camera store. Check out the links at the bottom.
Best thing to do is call a camera store with knowledgeable staffs that are photographers them self. I've always get my questions answered regardless if I purchase from Mel Peirce camera in Hollywood or what not. Ask for Mario.

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