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Jul 13, 2010
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I want to enter a contest, last time I changed my mind because I didn't had any "top" shot, but this time, I want to enter it, no matter what, so please help me decide between the following shots: (PS: I can only edit them by modifying the contrast and such, no big editing allowed )
The theme is somewhat regarding animals, or birds and such.






The only one that is somewhat interesting is #1, but the subject is out of focus.
I know it is oof, but believe me, I was trying to aim for the sunrise and then that bird got in the way.
Anyway, my options were between #1 and #2. Any more thoughts?
Thanks for the fast reply.
I would keep shooting or not enter.. thats just me. Or I go to the zoo in the next few days to take better photos. Just saying.. I am not trying to be mean.
The contest is kinda for newbies, I expect to see some macro shots of insects and butterflies.
Truthfully, #1 is awesome .... IF you would have had the bird in focus.

But, if you REALLY want to enter, I like #6. I like the two distinct colored birds, one of which is on dry land, and the darker one is wading through water. A whole play on bright/good sunny days compared to dark/gloomy/everything bad happens to me days ...

I know its a stretch, but its the theme that jumped out to me while looking at this photo.
Althought #2 does have a 2 headed monster.. look closely to the middle LOL
Out of the provided images, the first and last are the best of the set in my opinion.
If you HAD to enter any of them I would enter #6.. Its the only one that has a focal point. Even if its a contest for Newbies something that is OOF isn't going to win.
Good luck :)
I have no idea what they judge these on... but I like #6. Simple, yet a lot going on.. the ripple in the water, the reflection in the water, the two birds, the cobblestone..

I like it a lot.
If I was entering the contest and these were the only shots I had, I would go with #6...the others seem to busy with all the pigeons.
too bad for number one - my vote is #6
No offense, but don't bother entering unless you get another photo, not being rude or saying these pictures are bad, but they definitely aren't contest material, amateur or not.

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