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Jan 27, 2021
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Ok moving this here to film section. Bought a new to me etrs zenza bronica. Very very clean. 75mm lens 120 film back, grip with winder and shutter trigger. Came with the plain prism finder but I bought a metered ae-ll looks almost mint. Enjoy


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Oh fun! Very cool
Running out of forums to post the same story???
No. Wanting this one deleted and leave the other one posted in the film. My apologies for offending any one. Cheers
congrats. hope u have lots of fun with it. i have 7 Bronicas myself. the grip/winder is the best accessory ever! you can use 220 backs (usually cheaper) with 120 film, u need to shim the pressure plate. i use self adhesive label material from the return labels enclosed in e bay packages. did you get the hand crank with it when you bought it? they're stupid expensive for what they are.
Ya I've been looking into the 220 mods. And in did not get the little hand crank!!! And those are like hens teeth.. And $100. Ouch.

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