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Sep 17, 2010
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I'm new to the forum and look forward to becoming a contributing member of the community.

I've been taking pictures for years, but only over the past few years have I truly embraced photography, if that distinction makes sense. That been said, have a few questions and would love some feedback and advice. Here goes:

If you happen to get one of those amazing shots that we all strive for, what are your thoughts with respect to entering photo contests, posting the pictures on flickr (and other photo sites), etc. My concern would be losing (for lack of a better term) any control and/or intellectual property rights to the pictures that you enter or share. Hence the homemade watermark.

Over the past # of years, I have taken thousands of photographs but have always been concerned about posting them on the net. I'd love to be able to share or post more of the pictures I have taken as the feedback received would only aid to improve both technique and results. Any ideas thoughts, advice would be appreciated.

Secondly, attached are a few pictures that I have taken in the past month or so. What started out as fooling around with the camera one night (playing with exposure times, variances in capturing light, etc.), has somewhat turned into an obsession. Just a note - none of the pictures posted have had any post camera processing. The variance in light, colouring, etc. is a result of the time of night, direction of the camera, exposure time and other variables.

I'd truly appreciate any feedback and/or advice you are willing to provide.


This shows how much of a Newbie I am to the forum. How do you go about including photos as attachments in a post?


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