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Jan 7, 2019
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Added this one to my Pentax working collection the other day. It'll complement my MX and Super Program. The lens it came with is supposed to be junk, but I took a few with it to verify for myself and
_IMG0612 (2)_InPixio.jpg
it did have an M42 adapter attached, which is good. Been shooting my first roll through it and it's a well behaved, easy to use camera with some nice features. Looking forward to the pictures.
Nice! Spotmatic my first serious camera so I'm a pentax guy. Have a K 1000 and a bunch of M's. Was gifted that lens awhile back, PK mount, ser 228....... have sharper 28's but this one's not too shabby. Bit heavy but sits on the hand comfortably.
I had the k1000 and I wore it out never did get on with the ME super that replaced it
Nice KX.......or the up scale K1000 as I call it.
Who doesn't love a new toy? Enjoy.

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