New dark background style available really makes TPF photos pop


hear me roar
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Mar 18, 2013
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I think this darker background style shows off the photos so much better. You can try it by clicking on this button.


Not only that, but the black background is much easier on the eyes than a white background.
I know a piece of paper is white, but a white screen is a light SOURCE, like looking at a light bulb, NOT a piece of paper that reflects light.
i like it.
This is why I used to like working on my old DOS systems better than Windows.
In my DOS applications (Word and Lotus 1-2-3), the background color was BLACK. The old orange on black was so much easier on the eyes than the WHITE background of the Windows apps. In Windows apps trying to look like a piece of paper, it was an egronomic step backwards.

When I calibrated my monitor, I had to turn the white level down, to something my eyes could stand.
The issue wasn't looking at photos, the issue was the HUGE white spaces in Word, Excel and many web sites.

Unfortunately, most monitors do not have a normal/bright switch, to easily turn down the monitor for normal apps, and turn it up for photos and video. I have only seen ONE monitor with such a switch. That was a Sony CRT, about 15 years ago.
Just discovered that by accident tonight.
I like this better, the dark side... !
Still waiting for red, but I'll take mole mode.
Darkroom rat style! My kind of place.
I think dark is far better, it just makes the images jump out and pop more. Great idea.
How cool!
And it was as easy as clicking on the half circle within circle icon to the right of the bell 'alert' icon!
Thank you Sharon for mentioning this, and thank you TPF for that weekly email update that included this thread.
That’s a neat feature. Thanks for the tip.

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