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Jan 7, 2005
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Somewhere, over the rainbow.. (paris)
Hi all,
I'm not actual newcommer but i had never had the opporunioty to introduce myself on this site.
I come from Paris, a strange colourful or greyish spot with nice things to photog, though a bit too crowed and anonym.

french photo sites are nowaways packed with angry and rude people and i was bored by comments such as "I gave old my cameras to tens of young skillful photographers. Your photos are so ugly and uninteresting that I wouldn't even give you a yellow filter, you little ****!"

Astonished by such violent and worthless answers, I did what some of my compatriots did a hundred years ago : I cross the Atlantic and went to the US.
So here I am ;
My name's Stéphane, and I'm 18. I'm in my last highschool term, and hope to be accepted in a nice uni.
My gears : I'm the lucky owner of a tremendous Zeiss Tessar-ed 1959 Rolleiflex T, one of the best camera ever.
I've also got a 1956 Kiev IIIa with a 1957 Jupiter 8, wonderful camera, but it may be swaped soon for a 1961 Kiev 4, because the 25th looks rather like a 10th, and it's very hard to stand still...
And also a couple of reflex : a Pentax SP1000, a praktica llc with the pentax's takumar on it :wink: , plus collectibles : a beau brownie 2a art-deco, a 4x5 folding from the 20s, a Lubitel.

I like landscape and portrait photography, and i'm trying to improve my reportage style.
That's all!
Welcome to TPF, Stéphane!!
Awesome gear! :thumbup: I bet you have so much fun with it. :)

Welcome to TPF, and I hope to see more from you!
hello all, thanx for your welcome :hugs:
yes, those cameras are the funniest in the world, and I've never found anywhere this very special feeling made of metal and smooth leather.
What I like best is taking my Rolleiflex out of its case on a cold day, and having this huge, ice cold camera in my hand. It's just like... no it's unique!
Steph, first of all welcome to TPF. Secondly, I already like your collection!:lol: Take a look at my collectibles sometime, I'd love to share thoughts about them. The link is below the Romance Violin banner. Again, welcome.
Rolleistef said:
thanx Dimitri,
I'm also cellist by the way ;)

Phew!... Thank you! That goes to show I'm not the only nut-case (read musician/collector) around TPF!:lol:

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