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Apr 4, 2009
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As you might have read in my introductory thread, I'm into photography for about two years. I'm getting more and more dissatisfied with the kit lens 18-55 mm from Nikon, especially since I got a Nikon 50 mm f1.8 - I love its sharpness and its blending (is this the right word?)!
So I've been thinking about a new lens for a while...should I buy a 24 or 28 mm, 'cause I like fix focal lenses or should I wait until I can afford something like a Sigma 24-70, 'cause I want to get more into photographing events...(I've got a wide-angle-lens :))
hmm maybe that aren't enough informations for you to chose for me, but I don't want that you take my choice :) I only want to hear some recommandations you can make.

(sorry for my poor English :S)
Use your 18-55mm to figure out what focal length(s) you would like.

Then you can think about what lens will fit that.
Hmm, money is not that big problem, I'll go working in the summer holidays :) I refuse to buy a Nikkor 24-70, that's too expensive...but I think something in the category of a Sigma 24-70 HSM (it's about 900euros in Luxembourg)
I've got still time and waiting for money, because I don't a new lens immediately, but I want a really good lens, which I'll use for years. Or do you think, if I want a real good lens, I have to buy something like a Nikkor 24-70?
So you see, there is my problem :) I don't know if I'm happy with a Sigma 24-70 or if I should wait a year and to buy a great lens like a Nikkor 24-70...
Money's not too much of a problem - the 24 f/2.8 and 28 f/2.8 are both around $200-$250 if my memory serves me right, used on eBay. Since you're shooting with a cropped camera (I presume from that kit lens), you want to go as wide as possible, meaning the 24. I have the 24 and I've taken some wonderful photos with it, even though it's a prime it practically lives on my film body right now. However - 24 on a cropped camera is a short normal, not a wide-angle; even still, it's a very nice, sharp lens and you will enjoy it so I definitely recommend it, especially for when you eventually go into full-frame digital or film.

To see if 24 or 28 would be better for you, take your 18-55 lens and turn the zoom to both 24 and 28 and see which you like better.

I personally would never buy anything other than a Nikkor lens for their superior optics and build quality. I bought a cheap Tamron zoom for my film body and it couldn't even get the colors right.
I'm kinda in the same boat. I am going to hold out for the nikkor 24-70mm and then get the sigma 10-20 to round out my lens setup.
Do you have a good camera store near you? If so you can go there, and they should let you take a few shots with each and take the shots home and check them out. I've actually never used either.
I just got a 85mm 1.8 and I love it! Look into it, I think everyone should have one!
Yeah, I could do that :)
A friend told me that on my D50 a Sigma 24-70 would look great, but once I'd have a D300 or even bigger, I'd hate the lens :D he gave taking photographs himelf three months ago, but he's still in technique business...
I've read about the new Sigma 24-70 HSM which seems to me to be far better than the old version?! So maybe this one would be interesting...
but I'll also test the 24/28 mm :)
But at the moment I think I need more a new allround-lens, 'cause I photograph more events than I do available light and these things (which I like very much!)
I've read very good things about the fix lenses 24 mm...maybe I'll get both of them, but certainly not at the same time ^^
I think you should be price conscious but still be aware that good lenses cost a lot for a reason. It's MUCH easier to be happy with your more expensive purchase now than to be down the road and realize that your less expensive purchase isn't enough. Welcome to the money pit, also known as your hobby, photography :)

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