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How do I know if I can trust a store?

MPB or KEH offers 6 month warrantee and a liberal return policy.
Buying new is no guarantee that it won't have issues, and getting warranty service is a time consuming PITA. Buying used adds the element of "grading" to the mix. Reputable resalers not only stand behind the products they sell, but the grade they apply to the equipment. Over the years I've bought quite a bit of preowned stuff, never had a problem with it.

In addition to KEH, B&H, Adorama, Roberts Camera, MPB and Samy's Camera all sell preowned, open box and display models. Because of their grading system and guarantee they will be higher priced. EBay is cheaper, if there's a record of return policy with the seller it can sometimes be a place to look. FB Marketplace is somewhere you roll the dice, maybe your lucky, maybe you aren't, the price reflects the gamble.
I have no experience with Robert's or MRB but pretty long history with B&H. I would not hesitate to trust B&H. The other's have been around a long time and I would trust them also. Nobody stays in business as long as those people if buyer's don't trust them.
I only have experience with MPB.com and it has always been a good experience. I wouldn't be in the hobby if it were not for pre-owned or refurbished lenses.
I could not afford to do the photography I do or have the kit I have if I were to get New everything.
I use a printer that was new in the era of window 3.1 I got it when club member all decided that they needed the 12 ink photo printer.
Software I still use PSE 9
Good that you are sorted, enjoy your photography
I’ve bought and been happy with many used lenses and bodies. No need to waste money on new. Sites I trust - Adorama, B and H, Hunts, MPB, KEH.

Sites I avoid - Abe’s of Maine, Facebook marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, Amazon used gear.

I've had some successful transactions in the Facebook Buy/Sell/Swap groups for Fuji and Nikon but that was a while ago and I’ve seen complaints recently so I would avoid those as well.
Bought a used computer monitor mount from B&H. Was perfect, no issues. Very happy with B&H. Would recommend.

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