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Oct 3, 2007
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Roanoke, VA
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Introducing my newest cousin:
Bradley Albert
8lbs, 4oz 20 inches long

I'm not sure how noticeable it is in the photos, but when Bradley was born the first thing they told us is that his skull had not formed properly. He has a soft spot on his forehead and another one on the back of his head. His forehead was also protruding abnormally, making his eyes and the bridge of his nose look a bit sunken. He seemed perfectly fine otherwise and they were waiting on more tests to find out why and what the next steps were. Well, today they found out that he has a mass on the back of his brain and have sent him to another hospital for more thorough scans and then probably on to the UVA medical center. I haven't gotten any more details, but if any of you are believers in the power of prayer I know our family would appreciate it.​


The proud big brother:​


Bradley's foot in big brother's hand:​

So new to the world and already going from hospital to hospital. Sweet, poor Bradley. I'll be thinking of him. Did he arrive a little early or is this birth weight and length normal? (I try to quickly convert to kilos and centimetres in my mind but my conversion is a bit inaccurate).
Thanks Sweet and LaFoto.
He was a week early, but that is a normal birth weight in pounds and ounces. I think the average is usually around seven and a half pounds.
A beautiful boy. He has a nice healthy birthweight, which will give him an advantage when it comes to testing and procedures. I will definitely keep him and your family in my prayers and wish you all the best.
Welcome!! I will keep him in my prayers... One of th ebest hospitals Ive known of is UVA my son has had 2 open heart surgeries there and the Surgeons and Doctors are great...
i wish Bradley the best
Miraculous news! They did an MRI on Bradley and when the results came back they couldn't find anything wrong with his brain! He will still need surgery to correct the bone deformity of his skull, but there was no tumor. Thanks for all the well wishes!
Congrats to the little fellow and family for the latest news. I will send the white light of positive energy towards little Bradley.
Thanks kundalini!

Now that there is good news, how did I do on the actual photos? I had to bump my ISO up to 600-800 range to work with the available light.
photo greatness. priceless work.
Little Bradley and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Do keep us updated!! :hug::

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