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Oct 3, 2010
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Not only new from the Rockies, but just jumped ship
this summer from Sony over to Canon. It was a tough
decision, but got tired of waiting on Sony to intro the
new a700 replacement.

So, have been looking for a new forum to replace my
digital spot over at Great Forum by the way
and hope this one is as well.

Am the proud owner of a 7D, 40D, C 100-400L, 70-300ISUSM,
a used little 18-55IS and am casually looking for a smoking
deal on a C 24-105L.

I shoot nature/landscape images in high elevation, so weight is a
major consideration for me as I hike and backcountry ski to my
capture sites.

Started photography over 40 years ago, back when noise in photography
was someone shouting in your face that you couldn't take a photo and
shooting lots of images cost lots unless you developed them
yourself and got to inhale lots of nice chemical fumes.

I don't tend to post many images due to the fact that I stay
quite busy in the field and in my processing studio, but I do
enjoy reading reviews, offering mine if appropriate and appreciating
other folks work.

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