New Moon no werewolves


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Jan 3, 2010
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my first moon shot, is it too small to catch the eye or do you think the colors and sliver shape of the moon make it an interesting shot? C&C always appreciated!

I like the size and shape of the moon, but the shot needs something more interesting in it - the blurry trees at the bottom just don't quite cut it Maybe if it was an old dead spooky looking tree perfectly silhouetted you would be getting somewhere. Also, the moon itself is also out of focus. You will need a very narrow aperture (something like f/16) if you want to get both the foreground and the moon in focus, which will likely mean a shutter speed that prevents you using anything but a good solid tripod and remote shutter release/mirror lockup.
thanks for the input. i did use shutter lock up and good tri pod but i think your right that its slightly out of focus, i think i was at f 5.6 or close to that. its a cloud not a tree but i feel what your saying, a creepy twigy tree would have been sweet

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